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Past Events

The 2nd Annual Psi Upsilon undergraduate career day was held on March 9th, 2013 in the Red Pit.  The career day program was installed in order to assist Psi U undergraduates in their transition to the next step, whether through internships, graduate school, or first jobs. The afternoon-long event featured a presentation by Kino Ruth of the Career Center, followed by a panel forum in which alums told career stories and gave insight into ‘the real world’.  A break-out session closed the afternoon, which encouraged the undergraduates to network, develop leads, and make new connections.

Psi brothers were not always blessed with the career-assistance programs and presentations available today. Back in 1978, Brother Kilbourne reached out to Sports Illustrated writer and award-winning poet J.D. Reed for some career advice. This is what he got:JD-Reed-thumb

Psi U Alumni who were in attendance at this year’s event includes: Jeb Becker ’61; Jack Withiam ’71, P’16; John Uhlein ’79, P’12,14,15; Paul Freyer ’83; Patrick Gilrane ’83; David Holgate ’83, Dr. Matt Kern ’83; Dr. Jeff Bourns ’83; Dave Christie ’09; Tom Gillespie ’09.  The representation of various professions as well as different age groups allowed undergraduates to gain a broad perspective of post-graduate opportunities.

In explaining the success of the event, Freyer credits those involved, “The secret ‘sauce’ that is making this work is the enthusiasm of the group –and this is a big group effort – that we all are so excited about helping the undergrads, giving back to both our fraternity and College. Last, but probably most importantly, it is fun and we are all having a great time making this happen.”

In addition to the career day program, Psi U has organized a growing alumni to alumni network in order to reach out to alumni personally and/or professionally and to reconnect alumni both young and old.

Freyer speaks to the continued success of the Psi U career day program and alumni network, “We have made countless warm introductions to fellow alumni, placed a number of recent graduates at wall street and commercial banks, and helped mentor most of the other undergrads through the process. We provide a list of mentors by industry with contact info (currently around 60 mentors enrolled). And since this is only the second year of our program, we anticipate exponential growth in active participation as we go forward.”

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